Thursday, July 31, 2014

Knott's Berry Farm

Yesterday, I went to one of the coolest amusement parks ever. No, it wasn't Disneyland-- $96 dollars per ticket is a bit much-- but it was still so much fun.

Knott's Berry Farm had nothing to do with berries as far as I could tell: They sold jam and raspberry preserves in the general store but that was about it. What it did have, though, was a bunch of roller coasters and rides.

It's a theme park, which basically means it has a theme (obviously). The theme here was Wild West and, in a different section of the park, Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

What was my favorite ride?

Probably the log ride though I screamed. It goes down really fast at one part, and that scared me, but it was so. much. fun. Besides, it sprayed water and it was so hot yesterday!

The log ride at Knott's Berry Farm. See that practically vertical drop? That's where I screamed.

I was really worried for my camera, because I have a bunch of pictures on it and I would be really sad if it got wet and stopped working. But it was fine.

Also, there was this:

I chose not to ride on it. 

My California vacation is drawing to a close! It's so sad-- because then I have to go back to school pretty soon after :( I like school, but I still don't want to go back.

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  1. That sounds cool. I've always wanted to go to California. I love your blog and your profile picture. (I love The Hunger Games too:)
    In Christ,


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