Saturday, July 12, 2014

So today I checked the "stats" on my blog and was happy to see that I had 82 page views-- and I know for a fact that the aren't all me. So, yay! I may be actually getting somewhere with this! That is, if people actually care to keep on reading.

70 page views from the US and 1 from Germany. Not including myself, of course.

Obviously I'm not going to be a famous blogger or anything, especially as blogging doesn't seem to be as popular anymore. But I don't have to be all alone either.

So, thanks, you guys! Bitte shon!

A short post, but it's Saturday. I've got things to do, places to be!

OK, not really. I have a depressingly not-busy Saturday, but it's all good. I can read or write or hit things with my lacrosse ball (just kidding. Maybe.)

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