Monday, July 21, 2014

Excitement & Boredom

Tomorrow is my big California trip and I'll finally get to read the books that I packed in my backpack so that they wouldn't taunt me every time I entered the room. As of now, I still don't have any books, but I'm 10023 words into my book, and I've been typing it a lot. When it's published I'll let y'all know (but you won't have to be alerted by me because it will be an instant bestseller and everyone will know about it anyways) (just kidding) (sigh).

I got this super soft yarn from Hobby Lobby but I don't know what do do with it! :( I've been looking up a bunch of knitting patterns but nothing is exactly right. It is very disappointing.

I am however knitting my mother a washcloth for washing dishes, so at least I have something to do.

My dog is feeling a lot better, in case you were wondering. She went for a walk today and seems a lot happier. She's been eating her food too.

I'm really kind of bored right now. You know how when you are waiting excitedly for something time seems to sssllloooowww down and everything just creeps by as if it were in slow motion? Yeah, that's how I feel.

Oh well.

See you next time!

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