Saturday, July 26, 2014

Blogs and More

So, I'm here in California at last.

It's been really fun so far, though very, very hot. And dry. I'm going to start running out of lip balm eventually (eos is the best lip balm ever, by the way, and they did not pay me to say that. Unflavored ChapStick comes in a close second). I saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 today, and I cried! I know that's a bit pathetic, but ah well.

Did anyone else see that movie? Wasn't it good?

I'm also looking around for other blogs by kids like me. So far I've found a couple: Simply Scribbles and Serendipity. I'm using and it is very useful.

Also, I started a new blog for book reviews! My last one was a total failure so I'm redoing it all. Visit me at (Please?)

Since it's California of all places, I'm hoping to see someone famous, but as of yet, no luck. I'm sure if I did see someone famous, I would have no idea who they were and would therefore miss a great experience to brag about (I saw so-and-so!), because I really don't pay much attention to that kind of stuff.

Of course I would recognize anyone from the Harry Potter movies or Doctor Who, and seeing one of them (David Tennant! Emma Watson! Christopher Eccleston! Daniel Radcliffe!) would be so cool.

No more for now. I've started reading several more books, all at once, too. I'm going to get them so mixed up.

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