Sunday, September 7, 2014

More Writing

today i want to realize
that i'll never be perfect

that no one is, really
that i should stop comparing myself
to people who aren't perfect either

today i want to realize
that i'm loved the way i am

with all my awkwardness
and jokes that aren't really funny
and all my mistakes
and with all the times i say the wrong thing

because i'm me
and i may not be gorgeous
or witty or graceful
and that outfit may not look great on me
but i'm still me
instead of a barbie doll
made up to look like everyone else

and yes, i spend too much time reading
sports might not be my thing

and yes, i do cry over fictional characters
i know that might seem ridiculous

but even though i'm more comfortable in a sweatshirt than skinny jeans
and i haven't worn makeup since... well, forever
i'm so very much me
and i'm loved by the one who made me
and in the end, that's all that matters



  1. Hey, girl.

    Featured your blog on BBK Take a look, if you will. :)


  2. Well...I think I like YOU much more than any Barbie! Love this insight into you!!!

  3. Very beutifĂș thoughts! I like that

    Xx Barbora
    Abitconfusing.blogspot com


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