Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Poem

A small something I wrote, for your enjoyment. Please do not use it as your own work!

This could be a fantasy-type poem, or a metaphor for something else.

Really, it's up to you to decide.

I know you in your palaces 
with your golden walls 
crystal staircases
diamond windows
don't understand why I like my own little home
you think that it's too small
thatched roofs don't keep out the rain
lack of windows brings in the breeze
only one floor (how can you stand it?)
But I wanted to tell you
just once, though I know you'll forget,
My house isn't huge but it's cozy,
filled with stories told around a crackling fire
and laughter and family,
it's nice to see the stars at night
sometimes birds fly in
and sing songs to us 
You wouldn't understand
because you live in a palace
But though palaces are nice in their own way
I prefer my little house
and walls can be made of dreams and hopes
instead of gold.


  1. Beautiful piece!- Jollygirl from the blog:

  2. This is beautiful! Also, I tagged you in the Summer Rewind tag. You can view it here:

    xoxo Morning


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