Friday, January 22, 2016

Hey Guys (An Apology, of Sorts, and an Update)

An apology to all my beautiful followers.

This blog is dead! I know. I even had a "I'm Back" post like... half a year ago? Which promised my return, and I didn't fulfill that promise. I'M REALLY GOING TO TRY TO POST MORE OFTEN, honestly.

Sooo... high school. *deep breath* For those of you who don't know, and those of you who have (with good excuse) forgotten, I'm in my first year of high school. And it's going... pretty well. Not all is fine and dandy, but the grades are good. Something finally clicked in my brain and I started getting all A's.

I guess the one big complaint all teenagers have about high school is the way you grow apart from friends. In my case, this is pretty true. I even remember thinking, Ah, that'll never happen to me, but it does. It did. We're growing up in different ways-- one of my closest friends has a boyfriend, and he's her new best friend and they spend all their time together. And suddenly, some old friends are starting to... annoy me? I feel so awful for saying that. But something in their personalities has started to clash with mine.

It's kind of weird more than hurtful. And I mean, that's life, right?


I've gotten depressing.

Aaaanywaaayyy... I'm working on the second draft of my NaNoWriMo book! *whoop whoop!* Sort of half-heartedly, I admit; I should probably be working on it right now, but... I just... don't... feel... like it...


What's up with all of you, my darlings? Comment below!

Love, Emily

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