Friday, July 24, 2015

The 30 Days of Drawing Challenge

Usually, I'm more of a writing person, but this summer has found several pages of my sketchbook filled with drawings of people-- self-portraits, comic book characters, Maximum Ride-esque girls with wings. And of course, after a sudden spout of artistic inspiration, only one thing can follow: artists' block.

I had no idea what to draw.

Sitting at the kitchen table with my sketchbook open, pencil in hand, I stared at the blank page before me as all original ideas flew from my mind.

Luckily, Pinterest is a never-ending fount of inspiration, and I remembered that soon enough. So I spent a little while looking at ideas, and finally found this image:

So far, this is the only result:

Day One: Yourself

Due to a sudden discovery of my love of manga (I've devoured Death Note, and the series is heartily recommended), I decided to draw in the manga/anime style, producing the above.

Anyway, I'll be posting my drawings as I go, and I would love it if others would join the challenge and keep me updated on their art! 

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