Sunday, October 26, 2014

If Days of the Week Were People

Monday is the sort of person who always looks hurried. Its hair is always messy-- though on occasion it manages to find the time to pull a brush through it. It prefers comfortable clothes to fashionable ones and can be seen wearing a sweatshirt and jeans most of the time. Though Monday is reasonably intelligent, this intelligence is often marred by its constant exhaustion. Monday can often be found carrying a mug of coffee. Monday is nice enough, but don’t get on its bad side-- it can snap in an instant.

Tuesday is quiet. The sort of person who never answers a question in class. Shy, perhaps, but don’t be fooled-- Tuesday will talk your head off if it gets to know you well enough. Tuesday’s clothes rarely match but they make a statement nonetheless. Tuesday has a bad habit for drumming its fingers constantly against the desk or table, often irritating others... a sign of its love for playing the piano.

Wednesday is boring. You know the sort of person-- one who rarely talks and doesn’t seem to have much of a personality, who does average in everything. Wednesday wears clothes that don’t draw any attention to anything, except perhaps their dullness. Baggy and grey. Additionally, Wednesday checks its watch obsessively and bites its fingernails to the quick. It enjoys watching TV and eating popcorn (lightly salted).

Thursday is unfailingly optimistic. Notorious for wearing bright colors and getting overexcited about most everything, it constantly obsesses over the books, movies, and TV shows that it loves. Thursday has many friends, around which it is well-loved for its constantly happy demeanor. Thursday is extremely imaginative and has created whole worlds in its mind.

Friday gets distracted ridiculously easily. It can’t stay still and excels in a majority of sports. It dresses in all the sporty brands-- Nike, for example. It gets in trouble most often for not paying attention or being too aggressive in football. Unless playing a sport, it is also easily bored. Friday does not much care for reading, though secretly it has read The Wheel of Time series twice (there are fourteen books, it is quite an accomplishment), and would rather be running or throwing a ball to its equally hyper little brother. It loves many movies and TV shows, and dominates at board games.

Saturday is very laid-back and relaxed. Quick with a joke and easygoing, its favorite pastimes are surfing, rock-climbing, and canoeing. It never gets too competitive about anything, and its laziness can get tiring after a while. However it has a brilliant sense of humor and can often be found lounging on the couch reading or having Netflix marathons. It is the class clown and doesn’t much care about grades or school, though it can do very well if it puts its mind to it.

Sunday is genuinely sweet to everyone, always trying to be helpful and kind. It loves volunteering to help people and works at the local soup kitchen on weekends. It is an artist-- both with paintings and words. Its still lifes are vividly realistic, and it loves writing free-verse poems. One day it hopes to move to New York City, where it will buy a house with a room devoted entirely to its painting.

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